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An Entity of Type : efrbroo:F22_Self-Contained_Expression, within Data Space : data.doremus.org associated with source document(s)

U54i has performed expression
U53 has duration
  • 7.2E2
U5 had premiere
P102 has title
  • Suite modale
U12 has genre
U44 has dedication statement
was created by
U67 has subtitle
  • pour flûte et orchestre à cordes
  • 59227
P3 has note
  • composée au départ pour flûte et piano
is mus:U19i_caterorizes of
is ecrm:P165_incorporates of
is U5i was premiere of of
is included performed version of of
is is realised in of
is created of
is is realised in of
is U54 is performed expression of of
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